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News: Photoshop CC + Lightroom 6 + Cloud + Training = $10/Month

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New Photoshop Photography Program: Ps + Lr + More = $10/Month!


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60 thoughts on “News: Photoshop CC + Lightroom 6 + Cloud + Training = $10/Month”

  1. This is sweet. Just yesterday I upgraded to Photoshop CC by itself for $20 per month, so now it looks I’m going to get a 50% price cut, plus Lightroom 5 too!

    • Yes, that’s right Race – as long as you have a previous version of Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6), then you’ll be able to get this new photographer’s bundle at the low ongoing price.

      But if you ever cancel your membership in the future, you would not be able to rejoin at this special rate… You could however upgrade to the complete Creative Cloud if/whenever you want.

  2. Get It Now takes you to a page that has information on the plan and has a link to get the the Cloud for $50 a month or choose another plan, however no Photoshop Photography Program plan is listed yet…

  3. $10/month for both Photoshop CC and Lightroom is great compared to the regular $20/month for one app (after 1st year intro rate that only applies to the latter).

    Once you’ve got it, letting the subscription lapse – going back to $20+/month to start again? – would take away most of my motivation to ever lapse to save money.

    This solution from Adobe seems very reasonable to me.

  4. From the e-mail newsletter: “Beginning today, customers who own Photoshop CS3 or higher are eligible for a special Creative Cloud membership offer that includes all of the following for just $9.99/month (pricing varies outside the US):”

    Nowhere, in Adobe’s sites, can I find any information about what the pricing for the photography-package is outside the U.S.

    There is no mention of “pricing varies” in other posts/blogs about the package, like:

    By, the way, Adobe’s CC sites, like the FAQ, are dysfunctional in the latest version of Chrome: 29.0.1547.66 m. (running Win8/64) For example: the country/region selector simply doesn’t work (yes, I have JavaScript enabled).

    thanks, BW

  5. By the way, every link on the FAQ at under the section titled “PhotoShop photography program offer:” is a link that simply leads back to the FAQ itself:

    So, the statement made here by ProDesign: “the plan information is up and live now, so we asked Adobe about this… And per the Program FAQ it looks like the offer itself will commence and open for customers on Tuesday, September 17th.” Is incorrect.

    thanks, BW

    • Not sure what you mean BW, what we said is true: The offer has been announced with an availability date starting Sept. 17th. So right now, all the information and terms are up there, but we have to wait a bit longer before being able to pull the trigger and buy it.

      The Photoshop Photography Program offer is worldwide and you’re right that prices in other countries outside of the U.S. have not been posted yet… John Nack, a product manager at Adobe, wrote yesterday:

      “Any word on pricing in EU? Last I heard someone was updating the FAQ with non-US pricing. (Hopefully that’s happened by the time you read this.) Sorry that it wasn’t there from the start.”

      But they are not posted quite yet. We expect international pricing to be about £8 and €11, similar to what it was for the single-app subscriptions special that ended recently.

  6. I have been a CC user for over half a year and I love it so far.
    This offer opens the door for those who don’t need all the tools, but it is still limited.
    My questions to Adobe is: How about those who have never owned Photoshop due to its price?
    Do they need to pay more again because they couldn’t afford it in first place?
    I know such people and I wish Adobe to consider them too, not ONLY current customers with outdated software.

  7. @ProDesignTools
    Evidently you have not bothered to examine the FAQ for the photography bundle at : look under the heading “Photoshop photography program offer.” Each of the FAQ sample questions listed below are links which do nothing but reload the FAQ:

    “What is the Adobe Photoshop Photography Program offer?
    Can I get Adobe Bridge CC with the Photoshop Photography Program offer?
    I am already a Creative Cloud member. Do I qualify for this offer?
    I own an earlier version of Lightroom but not Photoshop. Do I qualify for the Photoshop Photography Program offer?
    Will the cost of my Photoshop Photography Program membership increase?”

    So, your statement: “So right now, all the information and terms are up there” is incorrect now, and your earlier statements were incorrect when I first reported that fact to you, earlier today.

    I did not raise the issue of: “when” can I purchase the photography bundle, although I am certainly looking forward to availing myself of the offer once I know the price in Asia is not kited sky-high (a definite possibility, given Adobe’s pricing actions in, for example, Australia).

    Statements like this: “But they are not posted quite yet. We expect international pricing to be about £8 and €11, similar to what it was for the single-app subscriptions special that ended recently;” are simply vapor, and are not relevant to Asia which I specifically mention in my previous post.

    As a former Adobe employee, I am disturbed by the obvious lack of preparation prior to the announcement of what is, to me, a very attractive offer.

    I have no grudge, or bias, against Adobe; my years there were wonderful. I did sell all my Adobe stock when I heard the announcement about switching to a web-based subscription distribution model, but that was a strictly an economic decision based on expectation of “turmoil” as the move to subscription-only unfolds.

    I feel strongly that, given the outrageous extent of piracy of Adobe products (which remain unequaled in features, and performance) around the world, Adobe is entirely justified in having only a subscription model.

    I look forward to your having full information about the photography bundle .. available, and to reading information that is not “qualified” or “disclaimered” by the use of the word “expected,” or phrases like “that’s under discussion.”


    • Sure, we absolutely read the FAQ, as soon as it was posted yesterday. The package is well-described there but the exact prices for the offer in countries outside of the US are not posted yet. We’re not Adobe and don’t control that page – sorry – however based on what we’ve heard so far, we gave our best, good-faith estimate for what some overseas pricing could be.

      In any event, it won’t be long now until the 17th when any remaining details will be filled in, if not sooner. We’ll be sure to update this page when that happens.

  8. @ProDesignTools: “we absolutely read the FAQ, as soon as it was posted yesterday.” Perhaps your psychic powers enable you to visit and look under the heading “Photoshop photography program offer,” and when you click on one of the links there under that heading, something special happens for you … whereas, for mere mortals, like me, each of those links simply reloads the FAQ.

    “We’re not Adobe and don’t control that page – sorry – however based on what we’ve heard so far, we gave our best, good-faith estimate for what some overseas pricing could be.”

    And, you haven’t given any information about overseas pricing other than a referral to an Adobe employee’s (?) blog that makes a vague statement about EU pricing qualified by the use of the word “expected.”

    I have “faith” in people who, when they do not know information, just say: “I don’t know.”

    You have, today, however, certainly entertained me, which I do appreciate !


    • Just confirmed worldwide pricing for this new Photoshop Photography Program (all prices are exclusive of VAT/local taxes):

      North America $9.99 USD
      European Union €9.99 EUR
      EMEA non-EU $9.99 USD
      Australia/New Zealand $9.99 AUD
      Asia Pacific $9.99 USD
      Japan ¥1,000 JPY
      United Kingdom £7.14 GBP

      This offer is available to customers who own a previous commercial version of Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, version CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6). This promotion is limited to one (1) membership per customer. Suites and volume or education licenses do not qualify. Requires an annual commit­ment with monthly billing. Available for purchase from September 17, 2013, through December 31, 2013 from only.

  9. Thanks for that explicit information about world-wide pricing !

    Unfortunately (and, I’m not, in any way, complaining about ProDesignTools by saying this), I own a Creative Suite CS4, purchased in the US: it’s cost was equivalent to about 4 month’s rent for a two-bedroom house where I live now :)

    And, now, oh woe is me, alack, alas, I find out that owning a suite is not sweet, but bitter, because I shall not now be admitted to the nine-us-dollars-a-month heaven.


  10. I own Lightroom 4 and PSE 9. I would like to upgrade to this deal. I think Adobe should extend the “Photoshop Photography Program” to any users who own a previous version of Lightroom and PSE. Come on, Adobe! You can do it!

  11. I already have Adobe Lightroom 5 (updated from previous 4.x version) as well as Elements 11. If I sign up for the $10 per month bundle I get screwed on my recent purchase of LR5. What will Adobe do to ease the pain on this?

    • @Polo, @Myron –

      Adobe says there isn’t an upgrade path from Photoshop Elements or Lightroom standalone to the Photoshop Photography Plan, sorry…  However, the offer gives:

      – a $1,000 program, Photoshop CC (Extended) with Bridge and ACR
      – a $150 tool, Lightroom 5
      – a $100/year premium service, Behance ProSite
      – 20 GB of online Cloud storage (would cost $40/year in Apple’s iCloud)
      – access to the Learn Creative Cloud library with hundreds of tutorials
      – ongoing product upgrades included – like to Photoshop CC 2014 and Lightroom 6 next year

      …all for the total price of $9.99 a month, which most would consider a bargain by any measure.

  12. On September 1, I signed up for the full CC for the $29.95 price (I have a copy/license of Photoshop CS6), but only need Lightroom and Photoshop. Can I switch over to the $9.99 option seamlessly? If so, how do I do that?

    I know I could cancel the full CC (within 30 days) and then rejoin, but I would rather not go that route.

  13. I have a situation that may not be all that unique. I have CS6 and signed up for the full Cloud in July at the discounted pricing of $19.99/month. Then I went to Photoshop World and got a full year of the full Creative Cloud for free, which should extend my existing subscription (although entering the promo code created a second subscription instead of extending the existing one, for which I’ve contacted support and they are supposed to get back to me).

    For my third year, I want to do the $9.99 promotion for PS and LR, but customer support says it cannot be done since the promotion ends in December. This is not right! How can I get the 9.99 promotion when I’ve already got an existing membership plus a free year? Could I switch to the $9.99 right now and then still get my free year? Why does this have to be so complicated? :-(

    • Welcome Shelley, if you’ve already got the complete Creative Cloud for $19.99 or $29.99 for the first year through one of Adobe’s other upgrade deals, then in our opinion that may be worth keeping because it provides many more CC apps & services than are available through this offer…

      The complication for you is that another full year of membership was added to the end with what you got from Photoshop World. Maybe you can contact Adobe (see our previous reply above for how) and have that reversed – then perhaps save that PSW voucher for later if possible.

      You could also ask them if you could buy this new Photographer’s Package now, but redeem it at a future date. Not sure if that can be done – but otherwise, the deal will not be available for purchase after December 31st, 2013.

      Finally, if you have a friend or colleague who could benefit then keep in mind that any customer can have more than one CC subscription going at a time – it’s one membership per Adobe ID, so you would need to create a new & different ID.

      Hope that helps, we’d love to hear how you make out!

  14. To all the Elements users who feel they should be entitled to this offer by Adobe, it’s easy, you can. All you have to do is the same as we CS users did, i.e., spend $700 on CS6 and you then qualify.

    Of course for many of us loyal CS customers, the initial $700 spend could have been some years ago, like me with CS3 – and since then, I’ve spent a further $700 on upgrades to CS5 and latterly CS6… I hope that this puts into perspective why I believe a $90 spend on Elements is not being treated in the same way by Adobe, simply because the commitment is nothing like the same.

    Like many others, I was prepared to stay with CS6 until this offer came out, but I’m now back in the Adobe fan club… Hey guys, thanks for listening and showing some consideration to your loyal CS customers.

  15. Can someone please explain why the Creative Suites don’t qualify for the $9.99 deal? I paid extra all these years for CS Design Standard, including upgrades from CS2 up to CS6, and apparently you don’t qualify unless you bought plain old Photoshop. This makes no sense to me! I’ve spent more on the suite and upgrades than someone who bought just PS and upgrades. Anyone know the reasoning behind this?

    • Well, it’s probably because Adobe’s suites are heavily discounted – for example, the buyer of CS6 Master Collection paid just 33% of the cost of all the included applications if they were purchased individually instead…

      In other words, you paid more for a suite than someone who purchased a standalone copy of Photoshop CS6, but because of everything else you received the net cost of (just) your Photoshop worked out to considerably less – whereas customers with individual PS versions paid comparatively more for that product on its own.

      Another reason is with this new offer, Adobe is targeting folks like photo­graphers who only really use/need Photoshop and Lightroom (and not other CS tools). People who have/use other major creative apps can benefit from Adobe’s discounted Creative Cloud upgrade promotion instead.

  16. @ProDesignTools

    Thanks for the info. It does make sense but is still frustrating, especially because the only products I use out of the Design Standard are PS and Adobe Acrobat X Pro. I first got the suite about ten years ago when I needed InDesign but haven’t used it since. I will probably go back to CS6 and a perpetual Lightroom license after my discounted year and free year of the Cloud are up. Maybe by then there will be a new promotion that will make sense for me. Thanks for your help!

  17. This is a really great deal, esp. coming from PS CS3, and I think I’m going to go for it.
    Do you know what the price will be in the second year?

    • Hi JW, here is what Scott Morris, Adobe’s Senior Marketing Director for Creative Cloud, told us about the new Photoshop Photography Program featuring always the latest versions of PS/LR:

      “The price you get today with this program is intended to be the ongoing price. Now what does that mean? Why do I not just say that you’ll always renew at $9.99? That’s because it’s not a price lock-in, we just can’t do that – so five years from now it might be $10.99. But our point is, this is not a first-year-only special – it is intended to be the standard list price of the offering into the future.

      How likely would the price change after the first year? Almost no chance at all – there’s no way only a year into this thing, that we’re going to increase customers’ price, given the skepticism that some people seem to have. This is not an intro­ductory first-year-only price like the other promotional offers have been (and we’ve been very public about that) – this is meant to be the ongoing price of the program. It is not our intent to increase those prices next year or anytime in the near future – and if/when we ever do, they would be very moderate (with inflation, etc.) as I think one would expect any business’ prices to increase over the course of time.

      But this is a limited-time offer, meaning you’ve got to get in to get the program. After December 31st, 2013, no new customers will be able to buy in to that program. So if you don’t subscribe by the end of the year, that offer goes away – but for everyone who does subscribe, they’re in. Once you’re in, you’re in – and you can stay in, and once again, we intend to renew people at that price. The only reason that would change is if you chose to cancel your subscription, in which case there would not be a way for you to get back in again. So you’ve got to get in and stay in, but then once you’re in, you’re in. And we will not be selling any new subscriptions into that program after the end of this year.”

  18. I agree with all the CS owners who don’t feel Elements owners should qualify for the current Photographers offering:

    •Photoshop CC with Bridge CC and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)
    •Lightroom 5
    •20 GB of online storage
    •Behance ProSite

    However, I do think many of us who own Elements 11 and Lightroom should be offered Elements and Lightroom on the cloud for a reasonable monthly fee. Over the years I have spent hundreds updating those programs as well. I don’t need the full blown Photoshop CC, just Elements.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Robert. An Adobe rep explained that this is “a loyalty offer to photographers who paid full price ($700-$1000) for prior versions of Photoshop.” So that rules out Elements as well as education versions of the tools.

      He added that other offers may be considered in the future, but there are no guarantees. If there is another special program at some point in the future and you qualify, you should be able to switch over to it at that time.

      Note however that Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements are not part of Creative Cloud, and as hobbyist-level (non-professional) tools they are unlikely to ever be added… So based on what Adobe has said about it, that part is something you shouldn’t expect to happen.

    • No, Creative Cloud and the CC apps are all about paying an affordable monthly price (like $10 in the case of this deal) for full access to the best applications you need… You don’t have to buy or license anything else.

  19. Adobe talk about loyal customers. They must have many “Loyal” customers who like me would love to have Photoshop but for one reason or another (eg., on a fixed pension as I am) cannot afford it and make do with both Elements and Lightroom. Are we not customers and should we not also get the same offer?

    • Well certainly it sounds like you’re a loyal customer Robert and nothing otherwise; perhaps just that Adobe wanted an offer here that would recognize the up-to-$1000 financial outlay that purchasers of Photoshop CS made.

      But as was said, there’s always a possibility of additional offers in the future that (many) other customers may qualify for.

  20. I receive your Facebook feed and found this offer of $9.99 AU per month for Ps and Lr. I live in Australia and I own Lr5 and Student CS4, do I qualify?
    I regret moving to Lr5, and say so on my camera craft and photographic art blog in a few weeks. I had to upgrade my computer OS and then my RAM and then my MS Office software and with all this cost all I get is a new radial filter. Where Lr5 would be a convenience is on my MacBook AIR but I cannot upgrade the RAM so it is no use to operate Lr without my Lacie Rugged attached.
    I am resolved to stay with current software but list all the alternatives in my blog article, after saying in the early days of digital photography it was recommended to me to go with Adobe and that remains my recommendation. I feel Adobe has abandoned its non-commercial customers. I teach informally now rather than being a student as I was in the days of acquiring CS4.

    • Hello Charles, thanks for your thoughts. The regular standalone versions of Photoshop CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6 qualify for this offer, but not the Student & Teacher or education editions. Sorry about that; as referenced above, this deal is geared towards the commercial customers (worldwide) who originally paid full price for the software.

      As for Lightroom 5 – we like it a lot, and have found dozens of helpful new features and noticeable improvements, including better performance vs. LR4.

  21. Hi,

    Thank you for replying, I did not expect you to. I found the restriction to taking up the offer on the site.

    I am intrigued of the justification given that it was for people who paid implied big $$ for their CS.

    I am not a commercial customer but I too paid big $$ for the top CS2 + CS4 Student versions which Adobe invited me to upgrade (CS2 -> CS4), equivalent I am sure to the lower-end CS that do qualify.

    I am just a photographer and following the CS5 experience am unlikely to upgrade again even after my inevitable computer upgrade. I am an abandoned customer who purchased CS2, CS4, Lr2,Lr3,Lr4 and Lr5, and am still using and recommending Lightroom 4/5 for my processing.


    • OK, hang on Charles – you say you had an older Creative Suite education edition that you previously upgraded from? (CS2)

      Well then you might want to check to see if your newer release (CS4) is really a student/teacher edition… Why?

      Because according to Adobe, it’s not possible to upgrade from one academic version to another – it’s only possible to upgrade from education editions to full commercial versions…

      So if that is the case for you – and if you indeed currently have a CS4 commercial release (but didn’t realize it) – then you would qualify for this PS+LR photography offer.

  22. Hi,

    Definitely Student version, it was all a long time ago but the second time around I had to establish my student credentials, the first time I only had to declare myself a student. Adobe was evolving its marketing and the policy must have changed.

    BUT even if I qualified, which I don’t, that doesn’t address my point that Adobe is abandoning its non-commercial clients in an attempt to prevent misuse of its software by corporations. Corporations don’t pay their due taxes and will have an amoral approach of what they can get away with to Adobe too – (justified by their responsibility to their shareholders, but really their bonuses). Personal users who do not get a tax deduction when buying your product out of their limited resources, do not avoid taxes and are less likely to use a borrowed box.

    I cannot threaten Adobe with loss of market from this personal sector, I myself am retired so no long term implications. Apple and Google are moving to offer software included in products, at a much reduced price (Nik Software) or free (Apple new OS). I predict ignorance of Marketing in Adobe will come back and bite its bum. Adobe should nurture this private/personal user sector not jettison it.


    • Well Charles, our sense of it is exactly what you say – that Adobe realizes the trend in software pricing and is going there too…

      In other words, despite all the “FUD” that Adobe’s somehow going to hold customers hostage and jack up the price down the road, we believe that it’s far more likely that you’ll see subscription prices continue to fall and Creative Cloud being offered to everyone for half of what it costs now.

      The demand curve is elastic and as more and more people join the cloud model, Adobe can gradually lower the price to drive even greater adoption, and repeat the circle.

      In other words, drop the price by half, multiply the subs by three, and everyone comes out happy – and Adobe gets closer to the much-reduced pricing you mention. But it will take some time and methodical uptake to get there.

      People will look back on this in 5-10 years and wonder, how/why did we ever cough up $2600 for a static copy of Master Collection?

      In the meantime, this $10/month regular price for the $1000 Photoshop Extended + $150 Lightroom + $100/year Behance ProSite + 20GB online storage (and more) is a pretty sweet deal for those who qualify. Our apologies if you don’t!

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