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The 10 Most Frequent Myths About Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC)

What's in the Adobe Creative Cloud?

With nearly 3.5 million customers having already signed up in the 2½ years since it launched, Adobe’s Creative Cloud (CC) product line has been a success exceeding even the company’s own expecta­tions.  Still, there are a lot of misconceptions out there that we see from time to time, or that some folks seem to believe… (do you?)  Here below we dispel and debunk the top 10 most common myths we’ve heard – and hopefully even if you already know the scoop or use Creative Cloud you’ll pick something up… read on!

Myth #1: “‘Creative Cloud’ sounds like cloud storage only – which is just a way to store your files, and I already have Dropbox which is free.”

Some say the name is misleading – but the Creative Cloud is actually a comprehensive collection of creative tools and services including the new CC 2014 release of desktop products, Acrobat XI Pro, Adobe Muse, Lightroom 5, Digital Publishing Suite, Behance ProSite, Adobe Edge, and more – the full working versions…  You do also get 2-20 gigabytes of online storage space for syncing and sharing your files, but that is only one piece of of the big picture.

Myth #2: “I don’t want to be constantly connected to the Internet to start and run my creative apps; what happens when I’m on a plane?”

You do not have to be continually connected to the Internet.  After the CC applications are installed and running on your desktop, online access is only required once every 4 months for revalida­tion of your annual membership. Plus there are solutions in place if you’ll be offline for an extended period – like traveling for six months without web access… just contact Customer Service.

Debunking the Myths About Adobe Creative Cloud

Myth #3: “The applications can’t be very powerful if they are running in a browser – trying to run Photoshop over the web is going to be really slow.”

None of the the tools mentioned above are hosted or web-based versions… These are the genuine desktop products that you download and install right on your computers, and work just like usual – these are not web applications, it’s not “software as a service” (SaaS), and your CC programs like Photoshop will run as normal.

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Myth #4: “The subscription model sounds like it might be more expensive than perpetual licensing, so it may not be worth it to me.”

When you add up the price tags of all the individual products you can install and use in the Creative Cloud, the total value is over US$10,000.  The Master Suite by itself historically sells for $2,600, and that’s just part of what you get with a newer CC 2014 release… All ongoing updates and upgrades are included, as well as free professional training.  You can access these leading products for $9-$49 a month, one year at a time, and install & run them on up to two of your computers (including both PC and Mac) – compare the two options in detail here.

Myth #5: “So I can have the entire latest Master Collection and more for $1-2/day, and do anything with it – it must be too good to be true, no?”

There’s no catch. It works exactly as described, you can imagine and create without bound­aries using all of the world’s best tools for photo, image, video, audio, graphics, illustration, web, print, mobile, publishing, gaming, animation, development and design – and so far the overall user reviews and ratings are close to 5 stars out of five.

Myth #6: “Well, then Adobe is going to entice everyone to the Cloud – and once we are all hooked, they are going to jack up the prices.”

Adobe has offered subscription-based CS products for seven years now, and over that time their prices have only fallen, never risen… You’ve got elasticity of the demand curve – the lower the monthly rate, the more people sign up, the greater the cost is spread out, and repeat.  It’s a virtuous cycle in our view – and if anything, no guarantees but we think prices will continue to drop as the Cloud grows… The most recent evidence (and price cut) is Adobe’s new introduction of a $9.99/month plan. The bottom line is raising to unaffordable rates would be counterproductive. But if you’re still worried about it, then you can always choose to lock in your pricing in advance.

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Myth #7: “If my friend or client or colleague isn’t a Creative Cloud member, I can’t share my files with them.” …or… “But I don’t want to share all my work publicly/online.”

If you’re concerned about sharing files with people using older versions of the CS tools, check out our CC File Compatibility Guide. And for any files you choose to store online in Adobe’s Cloud, you can easily set different levels of sharing – from keeping them completely private to sharing them publicly with anyone at all. Viewers will be able to do many things like see thumbnails and larger previews, change layer states of PSD files, step through Illustrator artboards and InDesign and PDF pages, and see file metadata from within their browser [watch video demo here].  But you can also keep your files entirely offline on your local disk as normal, because using the online storage in the Cloud is completely optional.

Myth #8: “The Creative Cloud isn’t free (is it?), so if I leave then I will lose all my files.”

No worries – there is a totally free (for life) level of Creative Cloud membership which provides ten terrific benefits including free products & services, that anyone can sign up for… If you cancel a paid membership then you’ll have a 90-day grace period bring any cloud storage down to the size of 2GB free (or can buy additional storage separately if you like).  You prob­ably also saved your files locally on your computer as well, before sharing online.

Myth #9: “Even if I only use one or two applications, I have no choice but to buy the complete Creative Cloud membership, right?”

Worldwide Offer: Get New Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 plus Lightroom 5 and Mobile for $9.99 a Month (Regular Ongoing Price)

No, this is false. Just like it was with the previous suites and point products, you still have the option to buy either the discounted bundle of everything or just a single program if you prefer. If you only want to use an individual tool or two, then you can sign up for a Single-App Membership at a lower price ($9-19). For example, Adobe is now offering a special Photography Plan worldwide that gives both Photoshop CC + Lightroom 5 (the full desktop releases) and more for $9.99 a month.

Myth #10: “With the Cloud you can’t ever stay on or run previous versions if you want to, you are always forced to update to the latest release, right? I might not always be ready to do that, plus some plug-ins might not yet work with the newer version.”

No, in fact it’s optional – and your call. Creative Cloud makes updates avail­able for those who want to install them, but the applica­tion manager will not automati­cally update your system without your go-ahead… You can continue using the versions you have already downloaded, and then choose if and when to install the new releases, whenever is convenient and best for you. On average for each CC tool, the pacing of available upgrades has been every 2-3 months. And IT administrators can use the new Creative Cloud Packager utility to fully control all aspects of deploy­ment on any group of computers.

Bonus Myth: “If for some reason Adobe decides to stop offering products in the Creative Cloud, then I’ll be stuck.”

In the event that Adobe decides to discontinue any products in the Creative Cloud, then they will make the most recent full and permanent version of the software available free of charge to active members on an as-is basis. But that seems unlikely to happen, because with the brisk adoption the offering has been receiving – almost 50,000 new customers each week – the future of Creative Cloud appears bright.

“In the event that Adobe decides to discontinue any of the products in Creative Cloud, we will make the most recent version of the product available for download free of charge to active Creative Cloud members for a period of no less than 90 days. Such downloads will not require a subscription and will be licensed on an as-is, no warranty basis …”

Do you have any questions, thoughts, or other myths you’ve heard about the Creative Cloud?  Check out our extensive Creative Cloud FAQ, or just post them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. Dean Kirschner

    I am interested in creating pdf’s that can be completed by the end-user. I am not clear on whether to buy the program? Subscribe to the program? Can I run it from the cloud? Where do I go to set up the use of this program if I can run it from a cloud?

    Thank you.

    • Hey Dean, for Acrobat XI Pro (Adobe’s PDF editing program), you can choose either to buy it a perpetual license or to subscribe with a far-smaller monthly payment. In both cases, the same software downloads and installs locally on your desktop (it doesn’t run “in the cloud”) – the difference is simply in the type of license and how you pay for it.

      Acrobat XI Pro is also included as part of the Creative Cloud – meaning that all complete CC members receive full use of it as well. In other words, you can choose if you want to get just Acrobat by itself (standalone) or the full suite bundle. And again, as stated in Myths #2 and #3, it is not a web-based application.

      In either case, you can get started immediately by downloading the free Acrobat Pro trial and see how it works for you.

      You should be able to run that at no cost for up to 60 days and then can purchase and convert it to either a perpetual or subscription license without having to reinstall.

  2. Brad


    Agree that Adobe may not own your work but essentially they control your work. Once a subscription has ended, all the work an individual did (i.e. the individual’s IP) with the licensed software is not able to be accessed unless there is backward compatability (and this won’t last over time). The CC model is an addiction that is not worth the risk. And please, Adobe is doing CC for the money stream and not just to be nice to people – they are a profit-maximising company after all.

    • Sure, like every other for-profit company in the world, Adobe hopes for successful products that delight users and will grow its sales and profits over time. But if you’re truly a good customer, then you’ll want to help them in that effort – why?? Because growth (rather than stagnation) will enable them to make even better software and tools for you in the future.

      But that’s not the whole story, as you know. Operationally, Creative Cloud is a better and more modern way to deliver software than the old static monolithic releases that didn’t get updated for 18 months and cost a small fortune upfront to buy and then even more to upgrade! CC is regularly improved and kept current at no extra cost – and is more accessible and open to a broader customer base who is voting “yes” with their support.

      Just look at all the different positive attributes in this side-by-side comparison chart:

      Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) vs. Creative Suite (CS6): The Pros & Cons

      Finally, regarding to how to open files after a Creative Cloud paid subscription has been canceled, please see our previous reply to Pete here.

  3. Brad

    I have no problem with companies making a profit in a competitive market environment. I admire your belief that the company is just doing the business to help us folk have better software in the future – very charitable!
    I disagree that CC is a better delivery system for customers. It is certainly better for Adobe as the customer is now hooked ad infinitum as distinct from the customer having no hooks by buying the software bundle outright. If Adobe was REALLY interested in the customer they would offer both the CC and direct software purchasing and let the customer decide. However, that scenario still depends on whether Adobe will price the purchased software fairly. As they obviously favour CC, they would price the purchased software very high to advance their preferred CC solution. Adobe has the market so they can do what they want, so please don’t make out that the customer is king in such an envirionment. There is no soft sentiment in business.

    • Brad, the purchased (perpetually-licensed) software is already priced very highly – and always has been… It’s $2,600 for CS6 Master Collection (plus over $1,000 per upgrade), which you can still buy from Adobe today – but that actually comprises significantly less that what you receive now with Creative Cloud, in terms of the tools & services included, and many new features since then.

      Regarding your other comments: Adobe is definitely in the business to reinvest in innovation and make their software better over time; to argue otherwise is folly. If they didn’t, they’d be out of business in a relatively short period of time against someone who consistently did that. In over 25 years of history, it has never been Adobe’s style to just rest on their laurels. And in the three years since CS6 came out in 2012, Adobe has already added over 1,000 new features, performance improvements, and other enhancements to CC.

      Finally, you say you think they should or could offer the new CC platform with both subscription-based and traditional perpetual licenses. While that might be a nice wish, sorry to say that it’s simply not possible, as explained here:

      Why Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) Gets Free Upgrades but CS6 Doesn’t

  4. Mary Beth

    So I may be asking a repeat question, but I am wondering if you purchase the Creative Cloud Subscription do you also have the ability to download the Adobe mobile apps? If I make this purchase am I also able to run the Adobe CC Mobile apps on my iPad when I am meeting with clients?


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