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CC & CS6 Compatibility with Windows 8.1 + Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Do Adobe CC & CS6 Run on the New Windows and Mac Operating Systems?

Both Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Apple Mac OS X “Mavericks” (10.9) have been announced and are available immediately to all customers, and naturally our readers’ questions turn to: Are Adobe applications like Creative Cloud and Creative Suite 6 compatible with these new operating systems? Should you upgrade your computers, and will this Adobe software continue to run if you do? Will the programs work properly on a new machine with one of these platforms?

Good news: the answer in most cases is generally yes, yes, yes, and yes. This goes for both the full releases as well as the trial versions of CC and CS6.  Read on for more details…

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Adobe CC & CS6 Compatibility with Windows 8.1

Adobe says:

Adobe and Microsoft have worked closely together to test Adobe® Creative Cloud applications and Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications for reliability, performance and user experience when installed on Intel® based systems running Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11. There are currently no known issues.

For the older Adobe versions CS5, CS4, and CS3, only Photoshop® was tested with Windows 8.1 and there are currently no major issues known.

There does exist one glitch with the Spanish versions of Illustrator and After Effects (CC and CS6) running on Windows 8.1, giving the message, “This application is not compatible with the current operating system language.” Adobe is currently working with Microsoft to investigate the issue and will be providing a fix as soon as possible has updated the software to address the problem.

Flash Professional CC may also need a minor update, if you see that it doesn’t start.

In the office here we’ve had no problems with Adobe software when upgrading to Windows 8.1, but a few users are reporting issues in the CC Desktop App (missing menu items and broken dialogue boxes) that have not yet just been resolved.

Find out more and read the Upgrade FAQ.

Adobe CC & CS6 Compatibility with Mac OS X 10.9 ‘Mavericks’

Adobe says:

Adobe and Apple have worked closely together to test Adobe® Creative Cloud applications and Adobe Creative Suite 6 applications for reliability, performance and user experience when installed on Intel® based systems running Mac OS X Mavericks. (v10.9). All Adobe CC and CS6 products are compatible, but a few products require updates to the latest builds to work properly (notably After Effects).

For the older Adobe versions CS5, CS4, and CS3, only Photoshop® was tested with Mac OS X Mavericks and there are currently no major issues known.

In some instances, the Creative Cloud Desktop App may encounter an “incompatible software error” and requires a workaround to be compatible (basically quit and restart). See this page for the latest information.

If Premiere Pro CC crashes at the splash screen when starting up the app, then apply this workaround. And if launching Dreamweaver CC repeatedly gives you the message to install Java SE 6, then see this forum solution.

Find out more and read the Upgrade FAQ.

If You Encounter Any Issues

If you have any other difficulties then make sure your third-party plugins (if any) are also compatible with the new operating system, as these software add-ons can sometimes be the problem rather than the Adobe product itself.

And the PS:

As with any new release of an operating system, there may be unexpected issues that arise that were not discovered during testing. If you encounter any issues, please report them using Adobe’s bug reporting form.

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19 thoughts on “CC & CS6 Compatibility with Windows 8.1 + Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks”

  1. Hi, I want to download my Adobe InDesign to a new computer with Windows 8. I have my serial number. Where do I find a link on your site? Thanks.

  2. photoshop CS6 extended works with 64-bit OS but only on windows 7, not on 8.1.

    photoshop CS6 works on windows 7 and 8, the extended plugin for 3D doesn’t work on 8.1 after update OS.

    see some adobe forum post. test with AMD 7400, 3D works with other 3D applications but not with photoshop CS6 extended.


  3. Hi,

    I am from the old school and would like to use photoshop on my windows 8.1 but don’t want to pay monthly or yearly for photoshop creative cloud.. Is there a way to purchase a standalone photoshop ?

  4. thank you for your quick response. What’s the future hold for the CS6? Will it be outdated with the next windows or mac upgrade ?

    • Hello Brigid, that’s a great question. People have been wanting to know if Creative Cloud will run on the Windows 10 Insider/Technical Preview version. Some are saying that Adobe CC works fine with no problem, while others have reported some issues.

      We remain cautious until the final official release of Windows 10 on July 29th, 2015. We wouldn’t trust our production work to a pre-production operating system.

      We’re guessing that you received a “Get Windows 10 – Reserve your free upgrade” offer on your system. Those notice boxes were turned on today, but will not actually upgrade your computer until the Windows 10 final release comes out in late July:

      Reserve your FREE upgrade to Windows 10 now. It will download once available, and you can cancel your reservation at any time.

      By that time we expect that Adobe will have released the new CC 2015 version and will have issued any necessary compatibility updates, if required, so that Creative Cloud will be fully compatible with Windows 10.

      However, if you have the Windows 10 Preview version in hand now and wish to proceed with an upgrade on one of your computers, then you may still be able to run your current CC 2014 apps without difficulty.

      See our advice on how to do that here.

    • Sorry, just realized you were talking about CS6 instead of CC 2014…

      Regarding Creative Suite 6 (from 2012), Adobe has already been clear that they will not update CS6 any further, and it will not be supported on any future operating systems from Microsoft or Apple, including Windows 10.

      You can read more about that here.

      Here’s what an Adobe staffer said about running CS6 on Windows 10:

      On behalf of Adobe …

      At this point, we do not even have full specifications for Windows 10 at Adobe and I am not even sure Microsoft has finalized same. As such, we cannot give you any assurances of what Adobe applications and versions of same will run well or run at all under Windows 10. The issues that may come up will likely be in the areas of HiDPI screen support, installers, etc. What I can assure you of is that it is exceptionally unlikely that there would updates to any CS6 applications at this point since those applications would be 3 major releases back from the current releases.

      If you are doing production work, we would most strongly advise that you avoid Windows 10 until it is formally & widely released and that if you migrate to Windows 10 and/or new hardware, especially HiDPI screens, assume that you may need to also move to the Creative Cloud versions of the CS6 applications and whatever Lightroom or Acrobat version is standard at that time.

      Check out the full conversation here regarding CS6 and Win 10.

  5. Well, I got caught out. I did the Windows 10 upgrade after running a compatibility check on CS6 Design standard programs. Didn’t have any problems for the first 5-6 weeks. Then suddenly Indesign stopped working and the Troubleshooter states that the program is now incompatible. Photoshop and Illustrator still OK.

    So now I can’t open all my work files – and I will get forced to CC although there are no guarantees that will work with Win 10. I can’t find any help for this problem on Microsoft or Adobe forums. Very stressed out and frustrated.

    • Hi Chris, sorry to hear that. Adobe has not said much about the compatibility of CS6 on Microsoft Windows 10. As we mentioned above, it’s three full release cycles back now (2012) and not officially supported for running on newer operating systems – so you should not expect any updates for any of the CS6 applications to address any O/S compatibility issues either on Windows or Mac.

      Generally, in terms of compatibility of the new CC 2015 applications running on Microsoft Windows 10, only minor issues have been encountered – and Adobe CC receives ongoing updates included:

      Creative Cloud Help – Windows 10 Compatibility Statement and FAQ

      Do you have any more details about the problem you’re encountering, error messages, etc?

  6. Hi,
    What I find most frustrating is that for several weeks Indesign ran perfectly on Win 10. Then one morning it stopped during startup. Photoshop and Illustrator CS6 are still running without issue – the only difference seems to be the last 2 are 64 bit.

    The first error message appears before the program opens: –

    Adobe InDesign CS6 has stopped working
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.
    Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    After running all the troubleshooter options:-

    Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

    Troubleshooting has completed
    Issues found
    Incompatible program Detected !

    On Microsoft website it states that InDesign CS6 is a compatible program!!!????

    I’ve been in the Advertising and Graphic design business for nearly 35 years (NZ & Aus) – working in several top agencies. More recently I have scaled down to work from home.

    I don’t want to use CC for several reasons.

    In the New Zealand market most of my work now comes from small to mid size businesses (very competitive pricing is expected and there are too many suppliers). Many local businesses will even use designers based overseas charging $12 per hour.

    The subscription fee is just another monthly cost, added to power, broadband, accounting, gst etc.
    If I don’t pay I lose the ability to open my files. They have a monopoly so can put up the fees whenever they want. There appears to be issues with CC and some of my local suppliers.

    I have essentially used the same tools and processes to produce my work since CS2. So I don’t need an expanded program. My business is viable if I limit my software upgrades to every 3 years – it usually involves an upgrade of hardware which also adds to the cost.

    It may be a different story for large corporate agencies, design shops or production houses but it makes quite a big impact on a small operator. (And I note, Academic institutions)
    Yes, I’m a Dinosaur and will eventually fade out of the market, but as a customer I feel I am given little choice. I do good work, but I don’t own my tools. Adobe have done a great job of establishing a monopoly in the Creative Industries. And as someone who started out creating Ads on a drawing board, with Letraset! – I appreciate the ease and speed these programs offer creative people. But frankly if I buy a spade to dig the garden, I don’t need a better spade next year (while my earlier one is rendered useless) that does the same job. A pared down version I could buy outright every few years (that kept up to date with OS upgrades) would be great for small operators – but I’m not expecting it from Adobe – maybe competition will enter the market!

    I’m currently looking at buying another PC to run CS6, with Win 7 installed – since I can’t reverse my Win 10 upgrade.
    I suppose I will leave Adobe software when all my CS6 programs stop working.
    I trained on Quark so I’m looking at a move back to that layout program
    Maybe corel draw as a vector program alternative. And one of the many stripped down Photo editing programs.

    If you’re in the same category beware the Windows 10 upgrade!!!

    I will post if I find another solution with my IT guy.

    • Thanks for the details Chris. Here are a few possibilities you might try:

      1. Right-click the InDesign icon and “Run as Administrator…” There has been a report that this helps.

      2. Or, you could try telling the Adobe program to Run in Windows 7 Compatibility Mode.

      3. Reverse or roll back your Windows 10 upgrade installation and restore or downgrade back to Windows 7 or Windows 8. See here for how to do it.

      Hopefully one of those solutions will help you out! Going forward, we would counsel anyone who has a need to run CS6 applications to carefully evaluate whether you should be migrating to a new OS version, especially since Windows 7 is exceptionally stable and robust.

      Finally, regarding what you said about garden spades and implying Adobe CC “does the same job” as CS6. We strongly disagree. Yes, these tools serve the same ultimate purposes, but CC does a much better, faster, and easier job.

      You may not miss what you don’t have, but CC has added well over 1,000 new features and improvements (including significant performance and usability boosts) over CS6 – and we would never want to have to go back!

      Significantly greater productivity saves time, and time = money.

  7. OK.
    My IT guy could not get Indesign CS6 to run on Windows 10. We tried everything.
    I could not run in compatibility mode – Win 10 automatically uninstalls previous OS after a month (Although I did this earlier because everything was working well) and the option to run in other Windows OS systems does not seem to work after this happens.

    This is the ultimate fear for anyone creating work for the graphics industry – incompatible software.
    If I can’t open a file I have to re-create it – which could mean hours of work.

    I have had to wipe my drive, reformat and install Win 7 – which I’m told will be supported until 2020.
    And re-install CS6. This has cost several hundred dollars of IT assisstance and a few days of re-installing/updating files etc.

    So here is my fear with CC.
    If I move to CC and use it for 2 or 3 years then stop paying the subscription (for whatever reason) I can’t open any of the files I have created.
    Which I think are my intellectual property – because I created them with a TOOL!
    My logos, layouts, images – photographs I have commissioned, are no longer available to me unless I pay the subscription – essentially Adobe own them.

    IF I OWN THE TOOL – I will always be able to modify, share, update and supply files to my clients who have paid for my work. The software does not create the design or have the idea!!!
    There are many occasions where I have to update packaging files, point of sale, print ads etc. etc. which may go back several years.
    Currently I can do that without any problem – If I’m prevented from using the software because I choose to stop paying a subscription – I have no other options.

    I’m sure CC has lots of extras – and they may be useful to me. But I would suggest that 60% or more of daily tasks for people in the print world are essentially (retouch a photo, clip it, insert in a layout, create a logo/icon – insert in a layout, format text and output a catalogue, Ad or brochure to print – how much time and money does CC save me? The same is probably true for those who specialise in Web or Electronic Media production.

    That is why I am looking for other software options to produce MY work.

    If there are none – because Adobe have the industry by the balls – then I guess my business folds.

    The Graphics and creative industries have changed dramatically over the last 25+ – since the introduction of computers and software. As I said before, the advancements have delivered great benefits in all creative areas and I honestly do appreciate them. It could take a day to set up an A4 Ad which I can now do in an hour or so. Much of the tedious nature of production has been eliminated by the software.

    The difference is that the creator always had an option for how/where their work was produced – no one held a monopoly over the print process. (Although Kodak owned film production)
    No one could stop you making changes to something you had created or revising something you had done 3 or 4 years ago.

    The introduction of subscription access to production threatens that freedom. I am really trying to see the plus side of this situation, as I do enjoy using the software, but it appears to me that Adobe have monopolised an industry and now feel they have the right to own it.
    They don’t.
    Many, very creative people around the world, use these tools to create work that they should own.
    If I record a song using Adobe software – and it becomes a world hit (unlikely by the way) but I don’t pay the next month’s subscription – does this mean I can’t re-mix the track?

    This may not be the best example because it’s not my area – but substitute your own creative discipline.
    Why are graphics based industries any different?

    And don’t tell me I still own the files and they are still on my system – if I have no way of opening them, they are useless.

    Please tell me I have misunderstood Adobe CC’s service. Can I access CC created files if I no longer pay my subscription? Can I open psd, ai or ind files in any other program if I no longer pay my subscription?

    If the answer is no, then how can I have faith in this service provider?

    • First off, thanks for the update on what happened with your system, and for sharing your thoughts. Sorry you were unable to get CS6 working with Windows 10, and really wish we could help more.

      About Windows 7: In fact, note that Microsoft has already ended its mainstream support period, back in January 2015. Now and until January 2020, Windows 7 is on what’s called “extended support” – where it will receive only security updates and nothing else. So either way you look at it, the platform’s days are numbered.

      What’s interesting here is that you think you’re making an argument against Creative Cloud, but in fact it’s the opposite… With perpetual software, just because you “own” it forever, doesn’t mean you can run it forever… You put up a lot of money for CS6, but regrettably now you’re finding you can’t move forward. Hardware and operating systems evolve, then old programs aren’t supported – so for most people, static software has a usable lifetime – exactly as you’re discovering here.

      That will never happen with CC obviously because it will always be up to date and upgraded for the latest platforms and with the best new features and evolving technologies… And if you happen to be using an older operating system, then as a CC subscriber you have full access and use of previous Adobe releases going back to CS6, if you want or need to.

      For opening your files without a CC subscription? Well, the free level of Cloud membership (which you retain permanently at no cost) will allow you to open, display, and manipulate files in some of the most common Adobe formats (types including .PSD, .AI, .INDD, etc).

      Similarly, you can use the preview and display capabilities of Adobe Bridge CC, which is free for everyone, for life.

      You could also use legacy versions such as CS6/CS5/CS4 if you have them available, and some of those programs will still be able to open CC files.

      There also exist third-party utilities like XnView (free), which will read and write Photoshop .PSD files, and also opens Adobe Illustrator .AI files. ID Util (also free) will read and display any InDesign or InCopy file. Like Photoshop’s published .PSD format, Adobe PDF is another publicly-documented specification, and various programs can read and write those files.

      Adobe will also be resetting a new round of free CC trials at least once or twice every year that will work fully and open your files for 30 days (or longer). So if your paid membership has expired, then short-term opening or editing your files down the road could be as simple as just grabbing the latest free trial and firing it up.

      And then there’s always a Creative Cloud month-to-month membership available if you want to do more intensive work, for as long or as short as that is. You would pay only for the months you needed to.

      Bottom line, there should never a case where you are denied access to open your work or files – it’s just that it may not necessarily be 100% free guaranteed, depending on what you want to do with them. But obviously the maintenance of all professional software in working order has costs and tradeoffs, even for standalone perpetual tools.

      Meanwhile, the cost of subscribing to Creative Cloud keeps getting lower (as outlined in Myth #6 here) – like for example with the newly-permanent CC Photography Plan with a some incredible top tools for under $10 a month.

  8. Hi,

    Does CS6 Design & Web Premium run well on Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite?

    Sorry for the simple question but I am not finding a clear answer online.

    Please Help.




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