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Free! Download 10 Professional, Royalty-Free Adobe Stock Images of Your Choice
  1. My personal opinion is that plans do not have sense. A single tool like Photoshop should be $10-12, and $20 they should charge for Design Standard for example.

    • Hey there Bojan, thanks for your thoughts and good to see you again. At this time Adobe decided not to offer price points that are in between a single tool and the full Cloud (e.g., like a suite edition), but it might be something they could consider in the future.

      No guarantees of course, but we think it’s more likely they’ll continue to reduce prices generally on all memberships over time, and that is what’s happened so far in recent years… So it’s possible you may eventually get your wish.

      [UPDATE: You got it – Photoshop is now under $10!]

  2. Debi j

    Question about the cloud… An Adobe guy on campus said that you just load it to your computer and you didn’t need to have the internet up when you use it, but a friend of mine who has subscribed to the cloud said that she can’t use hers when her internet is out. So what’s the truth? Is there something wrong with my friend’s cloud/computer, or did the Adobe guy tell me wrong? I’m concerned that if I go with the cloud when I upgrade that I’m going to be messed up. I don’t always connect to the web when I’m working on Photoshop.

  3. I have always purchased new versions of Photoshop and Lightroom as they became available. I don’t see pricing for joining Adobe Cloud for just those two specific programs. Is there an option for that?

    I know Adobe wants to move everything to the cloud, but freezing out customers who have always purchased the boxed versions (as far as new features are concerned) seems unfair… makes good business sense, but is rather ruthless. Obviously their strategy is working, since I am considering going cloud.

    • Welcome Isabelle, with Adobe’s Single-App Membership option, the latest version of Photoshop (CS6 or upcoming CS7) is available by itself (stand­alone) for $19.99 a month – and this will include all updates and upgrades.

      Lightroom (either LR4 or the new LR5) is part of the Creative Cloud – but is not included in any individual tool offer, probably because it is lower cost and can more easily be purchased separately.

      So in your case, you could just buy Lightroom outright and then get a Photoshop subscription – and then you’d be set, if those were the only two applications you need or would ever like to use.

  4. Thanks, PD. One last question before I take the plunge. I would like to keep the purchased versions I have on my computer now which require no regular verification with Adobe. How would that work?

    Thank you for the information you provide–until I read your Myths post, I was pretty sure the Cloud wasn’t for me.

  5. Jim

    Why is it an e-mail I just received today (5/14/2013) says I can get Photoshop CS6 on the cloud for $10.00, but when I go to your site it says $19.95

  6. Hello,

    Currently I run under a CC Single App Photoshop one-year plan. I would like to change my single app to a team subscription.

    My question: Do I need to be a real company, or may I subscribe to “Team” as a hobbyist without any issue?

    One more: May I enjoy a “Team” subscription with just with my son?

    • Greetings Deana, anyone at all can join Creative Cloud for Teams – you don’t have to be a “real” business or company at all to get those extra benefits… just a customer with multiple persons.

      And the users of your CC for Teams license can be anyone you would like to flexibly give access to, either internal to your network or external anywhere in the world.

      You can also upgrade your existing plan over to a new one and Adobe will credit your account.

  7. Is the CS6 version of Photoshop (single app subscription) the Extended edition? ♫

  8. Fraunt Hall

    If I opt to subscribe to Photoshop CS6 as a single application for $19.99 per month, then use it to process my photos, and then decide to drop it after a year or so, how will I be able to use my PS-CS6-processed images which have been saved using the subscription version – particularly if I save the processed images in .PSD or .DNG formats?

    My second question: Will Adobe still be offering a stand-alone perpetually licensed version of Photoshop CS-Whatever in addition to the CC version? Your mention of CS7 seems to suggest that.

    • Hey there Fraunt, to answer your questions:

      If you want you can save your images as .TIFF or other formats – plus other applications can read .PSD and .DNG files, including many third-party tools…

      (What many folks don’t realize is that Photoshop’s .PSD is actually a published and openly-available file format.)

      What’s more, Adobe is working on solutions for ongoing access to your files with their tools, even after a CC subscription is canceled – see:

      Our Move to Creative Cloud: An Update

      Regarding perpetual licenses, it turns out there won’t be a CS7 but Adobe has said they will continue to sell and support CS6 indefinitely – and that Photoshop CC is able to save back or export files to Photoshop CS6.

      For more details:

      Adobe CC File Format & Compatibility Guide

  9. Barbara

    Hello, I currently have a single-app subscription to InDesign. Can I change it over to a different app like Illustrator if I want?

  10. Kate

    HI, I currently use the old Pagemaker 5 program to make catalogs for our small family business, i only work with black and white images and our catalogs average around 180 pages each, with an index and front and back covers. We are considering updating our software, is InDesign what we need? I need something that is easy to use as i have no formal graphic design training….

    • Yes Kate, that’s right – Adobe discontinued development of PageMaker in 2004; the last release then was PageMaker 7.

      Moving to InDesign would be the recommended upgrade path, and as described in the article above, you can just get InDesign CC by itself with an individual app membership. Ongoing product upgrades are included, so you could always be running the latest release.

      For more details on making the migration, see this InDesign Conversion Guide for PageMaker users.

      Hope that helps!

  11. Alisha


    I need Dreamweaver CS6 to complete a school project, but I do not see any options for a trial or rental. I am aware that everything is being moved to the cloud, but I have been told that if I build the site on the cloud, it will not react as it should in CS6. I need to present in CS6. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  12. Joy

    How long do you have to pay until you have paid off the full price? Or do you continue paying the amount a month for however long of a time you want to use it? My question: is there a cut off limit or do you have to continue to pay each month?

  13. Turki


    my question is : what are the applications in the complete choice ?

    does it have Photoshop – Lightroom – Illustrator?

    those are important applications for me

  14. Good day,

    I have recently purchased the Canon 7D Mark 2. I have spent more time learning that CS5 and LR 4 don’t support the RAW format of my new camera than actually using the camera. Will the latest PS and LR support the new RAW format or is that waiting for and upgrade?

    One more question, I have a number of Topaz filters, will they load automatically for full function?

    Thank you

    • Hello Waynis, support for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II was added to Adobe Camera Raw 8.7 and Lightroom 5.7, which were both released last month

      So yes, upgrading your software to the latest versions (like with the $9.99 Photography Plan) would definitely support that and other recent cameras.

      We should add too that Adobe provides free ongoing camera compatibility for older versions of all Photoshop & Lightroom products via the DNG Converter utility.

      What does that mean? Well, you can also use the free Adobe DNG Converter for support of the 7D Mark II (or any other available camera) in prior tools like CS5 or LR4.

      Otherwise as mentioned, all current software releases support this new camera natively.

      Finally, on your question about third-party plug-ins or filters for Photoshop – we would expect so, but you’d need to check with the manufacturer to confirm full compatibility and requirements.

      Hope that answers all your questions, if not then just post back!

  15. Clayton

    I was interested in purchasing the Single App CC edition of Edge Animate, however I can’t seem to find where or how to purchase it through Adobe’s website. Have they discontinued support of this software?

    • Hey there Clayton – no, not at all; Edge Animate is alive and well, fully-supported with ongoing new development… It just looks like what you found is true, that Adobe is not offering single-app subscriptions to Edge Animate at this time.

      However, the latest full version of EA is included in all Complete Creative Cloud memberships.

  16. Diana

    Hi. I signed up for the CC Photography Plan two days ago and paid for one year in advance. Subsequently, I realized that I want the features found in the Single App plan. From what I understand, I should install the Single App and then cancel the Photography Plan? Will the annual fee thru PayPal be canceled or applied to the new plan?

    Also, I have a second computer in a nearby town on which I want to run the Single App. Is there a window of time that the software needs to be installed on the second computer, or can that be at any time? Will I be able to pull up a project and work on it from both computers?

    Thanks for your help.

  17. Will

    I’ve heard that you won’t be able to even open – let alone work on – your Adobe files under CC if you don’t maintain your subscription. e.g., you’re paying for CC for 2 or 3 years, for whatever reason you have to cancel, and then you have proprietary files (ai, eps, psd) that you can no longer even view as the Adobe software is DOA on your computer. So you’re out of your cash and you’re SOL on your work as well. True, not true, or somewhere in between?

  18. Charles Finsterbush

    Hey guys, one question.

    I am using the complete creative cloud package. I have a yearly subscription, but pay monthly. I don’t use most of the software and would like to change my subscription to a smaller package plan.

    I actually only need the $10 photographers plan with lightroom and photoshop. How can I change my full package plan to the photographers plan?

    When I log into my account to change my package, there is not a option to downgrade my package. Only to cancel my subscription or select another full plan. Or is it required to actually call and talk to a representative to change my plan?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Charles, no – you don’t need to call them. What you need to do if you’d like to downgrade or upgrade your Adobe Creative Cloud plan is just go ahead with the instructions you see to cancel your existing plan…

      What will happen is your current plan will run out on your next monthly renewal date. You’ll still have access to complete CC until that date, and you would then buy and begin the new Photography plan to replace it at that time.

      When you start the new plan, Adobe will waive any cancellation fees that might have applied, because you were actually switching (downgrading) plans instead of cancelling completely.

      PS – If you ever have to contact Adobe at any time during this process, then you do not want to try to do it by phone! Getting in touch with then via live online chat is infinitely faster and easier:

      Hope that helps!

  19. nicky

    I subscribe to photoshop creative cloud photography, ie photoshop cc and lightroom 5 for $9.99. I want to add premiere pro cc, but I am concerned that I will not have access to cs6 which will allow Encore. Without Encore I will be unable to write to DVD. Does anyone know if I add premiere pro cc as a single app, if this is the case please?

    • Greetings Nicky, thanks for your question. We have some good news – it’s the contrary actually – in fact, all CC subscribers also receive access to the older CS6 tools as an ongoing benefit…

      So if you subscribe to Premiere Pro CC 2014 via the single-app membership described above, then you will also get use of Premiere Pro CS6 (and Encore CS6) along with that.

      What’s happening is Adobe keeps the older CC 2013 and CS6 versions available in an online archive for all Creative Cloud members to access and use if/when needed.

      And all of the CC/CS releases can coexist independently and run side-by-side on the same computer – so you can have multiple version(s) on your system at the same time.

      Hope that helps explain the solution for you!

  20. Hello, i am thinking of getting the creative cloud complete plan but i dont need to use all the programs, i would only be using 3-5 of them, and i think buying them all would end up costing too much. so i was wondering if there is a way i could just pay for what im going to use in the complete plan or just suck it up and pay the $15 a month for all the programs.


    • Welcome Jacob, thanks for your question. The way Adobe has priced the plans, if you use more than 2 apps then it definitely is a better deal to get the Complete Creative Cloud plan instead… The reason is because they give an enormous discount when you go with the entire CC bundle of tools & services.

      This is the same way it used to work with the Creative Suites. You didn’t pay less if you didn’t use all the products that were included in the suite.

      So put simply, it’s an “all-in-one” price – and it generally works out well because customers can use the chance to learn new applications they might not have otherwise, improving their skills and productivity.

  21. Vicki

    I do not want to work on CC. I just want a continual licence and buy either CS5 photoshop or the CS6. I don’t need the other bells and whistles, just what I am doing right now, which is work on my own art without the monthly cost which is WAY too much for many of us who are NOT in any company etc etc. How do I do that now?? I hear ALL Adobe programs will NOT allow use without a current 750 per user per year, no matter what program they operate, including Cs3 and up! What is real?? I know with our city, we had to get licensed for the older programs too when we upgrade to win 8 etc. So much for one time fee!….!!
    Thank you!

    • No, what you heard is definitely not true Vicki.

      First off, you can get the complete Creative Cloud that contains all Adobe CC tools & services for US$50/month – but you don’t have to…

      As described in the article above, you can instead get any single application like Illustrator or InDesign for $20/month instead via the Single-App Membership.

      If you only want Photoshop, then it’s even cheaper at just $10/month (included together with Lightroom) – with the absolute latest-and-greatest versions of both… Read more about that here:

      Adobe Makes $10 Photoshop + Lighttroom Photography Plan Permanent

      Keep in mind that historically, Photoshop could sell for $1,000 upfront just by itself – and that’s with no further upgrades included!

      However, if you still want a continual or perpetual license instead, then you can still buy CS6 direct from Adobe. Yes, it’s true.

      Just keep in mind that all technology marches on and no software or system is forever… Adobe has been clear that they will not update CS6 any further, not even for hardware or operating system compatibility – so that means that CS6 may not run and/or will not be supported on the next major releases from Microsoft/Windows or Apple/MacOS.

      Finally, we strongly recommend against trying to buy an old version like CS5 because Adobe stopped making it many years ago, and most copies out there now are either fake or scams.

      Hope that helps!

  22. Hi

    Do Adobe allows combining the Photography Plan and a single app plan? I need both Photoshop and Illustrator but nothing else. Is it possible to get these or would I need to get both as single apps. ?



    • Yes Gareth, you should be able to do that no problem… In other words, you first have the US$9.99 Photography Plan, which includes both Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC.

      Then if you would like to add any other app like Illustrator, InDesign, or Acrobat Pro, it would be an additional US$12.99-$19.99 a month via the Single-App Subscription as described above.

      Each plan would run independently from the time you start it, but your total monthly cost would be the sum of the prices of the plans you’ve subscribed to.

      So in your case, that would be $9.99 + $19.99 = $29.98 per month, and you’d receive full access to the latest releases of Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, and Illustrator CC – including the upcoming upgrade to CC 2015 as soon as it’s available.

      And away you go…

  23. Dana

    Is there a way where I can buy photoshop/lightroom for just one month at a time or whenever I want to use it for a month? I just want to use it the months that i’m not busy, not pay 10 dollars a month for a year when I just use it every three months.

    • Hi Dana, it doesn’t really work that way because Adobe gives such a huge discount for buying the PS+LR Photography Plan for a year… So you could break out Photoshop use by the month (and pay only in the months where you need it), but that would cost $29.99/month for a month-to-month plan.

      So, it doesn’t really balance out well to just paying $9.99/month for the year through, unless you are a rather infrequent user.

  24. erick

    I wanted to get adobe after effects but it sends me to creative cloud. I wanna know if I get the $19 a month single app, will I be able to get the latest version of after effects or how does it work?

    I don’t want to get the single app $19 monthly payment if I don’t get after effects.

    • Yes yes yes Erick, you can definitely get the latest version of After Effects by itself, as a single-app subscription. No problem at all there.

      All you have to do is go to the Creative Cloud Plans page and choose “Single App” and “After Effects”…

      Then select whether you want to use it by the year or by the month, and away you go.

      If you want to download and run the free trial of After Effects first, then you can easily use our CC 2015 direct links.

      So instead of $999 (which is what After Effects CS6 costs just to start), you’ll get a much better and faster release for $19.99/month and no other upfront costs.

  25. Priyanshu

    I want to use Adobe Illustrator CS6 for a month or two. Can you suggest the cheapest way to do it? I am from India. My free trial just expired but I need it for a month more.

    • Hello Priyanshu, it’s no problem – just go to the Creative Cloud Plans page and choose “Single App” and “Illustrator”…

      Then select “Monthly plan” and “Buy Now,” and you will be signed up for a month-to-month subscription where you can cancel online at any time with no additional fee.

      So there is no annual commitment with the Monthly plan, and you can get any application (or the complete Creative Cloud) this way.

      Regarding CS6:

      Adobe keeps all previous versions of all creative tools (going back to Creative Suite 6) available in a permanent online archive for subscribers to download and use anytime…

      So you can very easily use CS6 instead of CC 2015 if you like, need, or want to – it’s definitely included in your CC membership.

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