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Adobe Listens to Users, Defers CS6 Upgrade Rule Change to Yearend

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Adobe CS6 Upgrade Policy Changes Postponed! CS3 & CS4 on Track


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100 thoughts on “Adobe Listens to Users, Defers CS6 Upgrade Rule Change to Yearend”

  1. Yes, I have followed the discussion on Adobe upgrade policy but I still cannot figure out what I am qualified for for the discount pricing. Adobe says:

    You own one of the following individual products…Upgrade to Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium

    1. After Effects CS5, CS4, or CS3……………………………………US$1,099

    2. Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, CS4, or CS3………………………US$1,099

    3. Photoshop CS5, CS4, or CS3………………………………………US$1,099

    I have items 1, 2 and 3. but then do I still have to pay $1099 to upgrade to CS5.5 Production Premium? Or can I get a different discount?

    I do plan on talking to Adobe but if you have any insights, I would appreciate it.


    • As far as we know, to upgrade you’d pay the $1099 regardless (or whatever the CS6 equivalent amount would be for Production Premium).

      You could contact Adobe (online chat is often easiest/fastest), but it may not give you a different answer.

      Good luck and thanks for visiting!

  2. I am also an amateur photographer like Andy and can’t afford to upgrade my software at this price bracket very often. But I am into some video processing as well and after using the trial version of CS5.5 Production Premium, I would like to do a one-time upgrade to CS6.

    I need only the Premiere, Photoshop and AfterEffects and the Bridge to integrate them. But keeping my needs to these three, I still need to shell out more than $1000 (most likely even higher for the CS6).

    So what are my choices? Upgrade individually or go for the full CS6 Production Premium? I am a slow decision maker so I haven’t committed to the CS5.5 thankfully!!! But if I upgrade to CS5.5 now and get a free CS6 upgrade that would be a thought…

    • Upgrading individually would cost about the same or more, and you wouldn’t get the tremendous benefits of Dynamic Link within the suite, plus other applications

      If you buy CS5.5 now, Adobe is definitely not offering free upgrades to CS6. However, this could be a possibility in the future if they offer another “grace period” after CS6 is officially launched, as they have done in the past.

  3. To ProDesign:

    “If you buy CS5.5 now, Adobe is definitely not offering free upgrades to CS6. However, this could be a possibility in the future if they offer another ‘grace period’ after CS6 is officially launched, as they have done in the past.”

    Has Adobe told you that?

    • No, we’ve heard nothing on that – so the possibility was framed with, “if they offer one” for CS6, as has happened in the past… But typically we won’t know for sure on that kind of thing until the actual release happens down the road.

      Adobe does always have what’s called a “Post-Announce Upgrade Policy” that’s generally in place, but it’s not specified for which products or for how long – so it varies.

      Note however that because of the company’s longstanding Return, Refund & Exchange Policy, buyers going forward can effectively create their own grace period for a free upgrade, should a newer version be released within 30 days of purchase.

      Hope that helps.

  4. I (amongst others) have been concerned whether this new upgrade policy would include users of individual programs, in my case specifically, Photoshop (and LR). I had been ‘forced’ into the C5 upgrade and having heard that it was (apparently) now possible to upgrade directly from CS4 to CS6 (Photoshop only) I rang to request a refund, but thought it wise to first double check that I would UNEQUIVOCALLY be able to upgrade to Photoshop CS6 (boxed or downloadable version), when it came out, at an upgrade price.

    So I rang Adobe customer services (as the ‘refunds’ dept. line dropped three times in succession when I tried that extension). After half an hour on the phone to Adobe customer services the definitive answer is: they don’t know.

    Yup you heard right: the lady I spoke to only could refer me to the info on their own website which she agreed was ambiguous (in regard to my specific questions); in that it did not specify whether users of INDIVIDUAL CS products would be able to take advantage of the upgrade offer, nor whether the upgrade to CS6 (from CS4) would be for a boxed/downloadable version or whether it would be only for the cloud version.

    In other words, it is still not clear whether users of Photoshop (as opposed to the full CS suites) CS3/CS4 will have an upgrade path to CS6 Photoshop which can be installed on their computer.

    – It is not clear whether the upgrade path (CS4-CS6) will be for boxed/downloadable versions or for cloud only versions ( I asked very specifically about this).

    Nor is it clear whether the upgrade price will be within the usual upgrade price parameters.

    I explained to the lady in customer services that it did not reflect well on Adobe that their agents did not have access to definitive answers to these important questions, (and despite her asking her manager).

    I am no wiser after spending half an hour on the phone to adobe customer services than I was before I rang.

    • Welcome Paul. So sorry that you spent the time but didn’t get definitive answers to your questions…

      We can assure you with absolute certainty that there will be discounted upgrade pricing for individual CS3 and CS4 applications to CS6 standalone products, either for boxed or download.

      In other words, it will work the same way it does today – with a “three versions back” upgrade policy for either suites or point products, in place through the end of 2012.

      Adobe has even said this themselves in writing (see comment by PS Product Manager Jeffrey Tranberry).

      The upgrade pricing has not been set and likely won’t be announced until CS6 is released, but we believe it will be similar to what it is today, for a similar move up to CS5.

      The Creative Cloud initiative is entirely separate and optional – and there will be absolutely no obligation for customers to use or buy or upgrade to that.

      The company has also been very clear that perpetual (permanent) licenses will continue to be offered and available, and nobody will be forced to sub­scriptions (rentals) if they don’t want them.

      We are 100% sure about all this… we’re in direct touch with Adobe every week… and hope it is clearer now!

      Does that answer all your questions?

      If not, check out our new post:

      When Will Adobe CS6 Be Released, including Photoshop CS6?

  5. @ProDesignTools
    Thanks for the info – ok so I guess I can go back and request a refund for the forced CS5 Ps upgrade, but do you know whether there will also be a LR2 to LR4 upgrade available or should I keep that portion of the upgrade package I just took out (Ps4->Ps5 + LR2->LR3)?

  6. OK thanks for this.

    However I still find it hard to feel confident when Adobe themselves (through their customer services) do not agree with what you say. Twice I have spoken to them.

    • You’re welcome Paul. You had said the answers the rep gave you were inconclusive… We’re just giving you conclusive ones. :)

      So it’s not an issue of disagreement – it’s an issue of certainty. We look at this full-time 24×7 all year long, and are in regular touch with higher levels at Adobe.

  7. @ProDesignTools

    Yeah thanks – it was just that I phoned again today. In the end I gave up as the line from India (presumably by the accent) dropped again. That made 5 times I had to redial -re-explain etc.

    All in all a frustrating experience – thank heavens for you guys or I wouldn’t know what the blazes was going on.

    thanks again

  8. Just to say Adobe Customer Service got back in touch and sorted it all out very satisfactorily. They’re back in my good books now ;)

  9. Tricky situation. I have CS5 Design Premium and was planning on skipping CS5.5 and go for CS6 as soon as it’s out. But now I need to make country adaptations to files made with InDesign CS5.5. Upgrading the whole bundle is 399 € and upgrading just InDesign is 149 €. I can push the project to March, but that probably won’t be enough to reach the grace period. So the million, well, no, maybe 200 euro question is, how much will upgrading from CS5 be, vs. from CS5.5…?

  10. Thank you. History suggests that upgrading just InDesign now would save me 50 € (excl. tax) in the not so long run (149+599 instead of 2×399). So I will. And here’s to history repeating itself…

  11. Well, no, it didn’t. When trying to activate InDesign it didn’t work. Went to Adobe online store to see if I missed some small print on the purchase page, but no. Only after digging deep in the support pages did I find a note that you can’t upgrade an individual application from one bought as part of a suite. I would have needed to purchase the full app for 849 €. This is barking mad. I do understand that things would get pretty complicated if one could upgrade individual apps from suite apps, but it still should be possible. There is now no economically sensible way to downgrade if you find you only need one app in the future.

    If nothing else, Adobe should change the naming of individual apps to clear things up. When sold as a standalone they should call it InDesign 7.5 and leave the CS numbering just for bundled (or rather ‘suited’) apps. When they ask what I’m upgrading from and InDesign CS5 is an option it’s hardly illogical that I choose it as I have it. At least they should include the disclaimer on the purchase page LOUD AND CLEAR. Sorry…

    • So sorry about that Johan – we assumed you’d had an individual copy of InDesign CS5 that you were upgrading…  Yes, because of the heavy discounting when the products are bundled into a suite, Adobe’s policies don’t allow upgrading from a suite to an individual application. Apologies if that wasn’t (or isn’t!) clearer.

      See Adobe’s Creative Suite FAQ under, “Am I eligible for upgrade pricing from an earlier Creative Suite edition to an individual CS component?”

      Your best bet now may be to return the one you purchased (don’t worry, it’s easy) – and then upgrade the full suite to CS5.5 as referenced in our earlier reply. The additional cost for moving a suite from CS5.0 to CS5.5 and then later from CS5.5 to CS6 should be somewhere in the neighborhood of what you paid for the single product upgrade.

      Either that, or you can use a free trial of InDesign CS5.5 standalone for the next 30 days and see where you are at that time, and how things look with the CS6 release.

      Thinking short term, you could also possibly consider getting a temporary subscription for the months in between, but you wouldn’t own the software and it may not end up being less expensive depending.

      Hope that helps!

  12. Adobe listening is great. What is not great is early users getting a break without being faithful to Adobe. Loyal customers should get the best options. One size fits all is not a good policy.

  13. @ProDesignTools I did mention having the suite in my first post. But I’m not blaming you for any of this ; ) I started the return process right away, will take a few days I guess.

    I’ve been an Adobe customer for quite some time, Starting with Page Maker 6, Photoshop 4 and Illustrator 6. I’ve bought all CS bundles except for CS4 which I skipped. So I guess I feel I should have more sensible options. Yes, the bundles bring savings, but honestly, the standalone apps are too expensive. But, I have no choice and Adobe knows it.

    • Well, we thought that since you had upgraded just InDesign, that you must have also had a separate standalone copy to do it with… But obviously, that was putting the cart before the horse. And you’re right that it could be clearer on Adobe’s site when making the purchase.

      Good luck with it Johan, and thanks for sharing your story here.

  14. I purchased an upgrade to Photoshop CS5 on March 9th and they announced the policy of giving a free upgrade to CS6 on March 26th. It is very frustrating that I missed it by 17 days! Will there be a special price for those of us that upgraded just prior to the announcement?

    • Hi Mary, thanks for your comment. If you purchased CS5 recently then it may be worth a shot to contact Adobe and check, but unfortunately it’s unlikely to succeed because the free CS6 upgrade program started on March 26th and they had to make the cutoff somewhere regrettably…

      However, if you had purchased within the past 30 days and wanted to return the product for any reason, Adobe does always offer a regular Money Back Return Policy.

      In your case it may be too far back, and there is no further discount that we are aware of. Sorry the news isn’t better, but thanks for checking!

  15. I purchased a CS5 upgrade in November because I was afraid to wait due to the fear caused by Adobe’s announcement of the change in policy. Adobe caused me to be afraid to wait, and now, the ones that waited are being rewarded with a complimentary upgrade.

    If I would have waited until after the end of March instead of acting quickly, I would now have a free upgrade to CS6. I had a chat online with Adobe Customer Service this morning. Of course, I am not eligible for the free upgrade to CS6. The customer service chat person, Junaid, has told me that the contact information of the proper person for me to express my opinion to is not available. Adobe does not have email support. I am very disappointed. I started with Photoshop 5.5 and upgraded to 7, CS, CS2, CS3 and finally CS5. I feel like I have been taken advantage of by Adobe.

  16. I had a second chat session with Adobe Customer Service last night. My case has been elevated to a higher level. The agent told me, “I have escalated the case to the next level of Support so that they will be able to help resolving this and get back to you via email. This is in terms of the Adobe upgrade policy which was previously announced and hence we will look into it so that something can be done to the products purchased in the time after getting the previous message.”

    So, we will see.

    • Welcome Bryan, hope it works out for you and please do let us know how it goes with that… We understand your frustration as the company changed their policy in November but then changed it back following customer feedback – and now they are trying to make amends. You can read through the earlier comments here to see how it’s worked out for previous customers in your situation earlier this year. It will be interesting to see what they do now, so please post back when you learn more.

      By the way, in addition to Adobe’s Live Online Chat, customers can also use Twitter if you begin the text of your tweet with @Adobe_Care, then it will get to the right place.

      Hope this helps!

  17. I do believe there are definite grounds for very special consideration in regards to recent upgrade policy history. Hopefully the Adobe support reps will be given plenty of leeway to make things right.

  18. @ ProDesignTools

    I did contact Adobe and it was a rather frustrating experience. I explained what I had explained on this board, using their online chat. I received only a canned response of the official dates. Only asked for special pricing since I had purchased CS5 on March 7, 2012 – only 19 days before the “official date” began. Thought there should be a discount of some kind for those of us that purchased such a short time before the announcement. Had I been wiser I could have returned my product, as I was well within the 30 days to do so and repurchased.

    One of his last responses was I would need to have Lightroom 3 in order to upgrade to Lightroom 4?? That was not even in the equation. On the same order I had upgraded from Lightroom 3 to Lightroom 4.

    Think they were perhaps not perfect in English and answering too many Live Chats at once. Not the quality I would expect from Adobe. Trying not to think about it as I prefer to have positive thoughts about the product.

    • Hello again Mary, sorry it didn’t work out the way you hoped. You probably received the response about the “official date” because March 26th was the official date, and they couldn’t change that. If they did extend it back in some way to March 7th post facto, then the person who bought on March 6th wouldn’t be pleased.

      One thing we’ve learned after being an Adobe Partner for 5+ years is that it’s never possible to set or announce dates on offers that will make everyone perfectly happy… No matter what the company chooses, by definition there will always be someone just before or just after. So pleasing everyone all the time is unfortunately not possible – but if you’d like to share your feedback with Adobe directly, here’s their Customer Contact page.

      Anyway, you did receive the software you ordered and paid for, so hope it does good things for you! Going forward feel free to stay tuned here (see the “Subscribe” box at the upper right), as we always try to give early word and estimates on upcoming major releases, and have been posting on CS6 timeframes since last summer.

  19. Some time ago I did also contact customer support via live chat and was a bit astonished about the quality of the support myself. After I explained the situation of having bought Adobe CS5 because of the information I could not upgrade my CS4 Collection to CS6 and Adobe changing their policy again back to “Yes, you can upgrade,” I received the answer “You don’t need to upgrade to CS5 to be able to upgrade to CS6”. Huh? What was I talking about the whole time?

    During some parts of the chat I thought about just leaving the entire thing because it seemed so difficult to get through with my information and what I wanted, but from a certain point onwards it went better. I think it was because then a certain routine of filling out forms and proceeding in a prescribed way did take over.

    But my overall picture of Adobe has changed dramatically through all of this and today, when I hear Adobe is concocting something new, or just hearing about Adobe at all, gives me an uneasy feeling. That is the company I have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to for being able to do my job. I would rather have the feeling the one I have to depend on makes its job a bit more … predictable. Maybe they should spend a tad bit less money on all the shiny marketing materials and big shows and a bit more on real value for the customers. I mean do they really expect that people are not talking about what is going on? They can’t really believe we who work with the software (and the company) would buy all the shiny bling for real.

    • Hi again Silvia, sorry your experience was uneven – but glad we were able to help things to work out better for you.

      Outside of the multiple upgrade policy changes and the like, Creative Suite 6 which is out now actually does add quite a bit of value and new features including better performance for customers. The company invested about half a billion dollars in developing it.

      In IT there sometimes seems to be disconnect between the technical folks developing the products and the business people making the money decisions, and we know Adobe regrets the confusion from the switching that happened here. But the good news is they did listen to customer feedback instead of leaving an unpopular decision stand the way it was.

  20. I posted my opinion on Adobe Care’s Twitter page. As a goodwill gesture, Adobe offered me a complimentary copy of Lightroom 4. I am very happy. The upgrades in the raw processing in ACR 7 were the main reasons why I would have waited on the CS6 upgrade instead of CS5. My trust in Adobe Customer service has been restored.


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