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Adobe PS Deal: Anyone Can Get Photoshop + Lightroom for Cheap!

BF Offer Extended! Photoshop CC + Lightroom 5 + More for $9.99/Month with Adobe Photography Package

Some exciting news for photographers: Adobe has just brought back a special offer that opens up the popular Photoshop Photography Program to any customer worldwide who would like to participate… This was Adobe’s big “Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal” that is now making a return – meaning for the next two months, this new discounted plan is available to everybody!

The Photoshop Photography Program includes all of the following for only US$9.99/month with an annual membership (Adobe’s best deal ever on PS):

Adobe says this is the regular ongoing price for anyone who signs up for the program by May 31, 2014.  So if you join now, then if/when you renew in a year’s time, the price will still be $9.99 per month. They do not have plans to change this price.

In other words, this is not an introductory rate, it is the standard price for customers who sign up by May 31st.  Internationally, the monthly cost is £7.14 GBP, €9.99 EUR, A$9.99 AUD, and ¥1,000 JPY (all prices are exclusive of VAT/local taxes).

What’s this promotion worth? Well, the list price of Photoshop Extended just by itself (quoting the 2012′s CS6 version) is $999.  Adobe Lightroom 5 (full) sells for $149.  Behance ProSite costs $100 a year.  Plus you get the online storage and product training.  Add it all up, and to buy a software bundle like this upfront would cost well over US$1,300 for static versions. That’s over a decade of paying just $10 a month instead with this special offer, where you’ll also receive ongoing upgrades to new desktop releases with the latest features!

What’s new is that with this unprecedented deal, now anyone can participate (see the FAQ). When the original Photoshop Plan was launched in September, some were unhappy because Creative Suite, education, and new customers were not eligible. But now for a limited time, Adobe will open the Program to all who would like this incredible offer, with no prior purchase necessary. Now everyone can get it – Suite customers, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements users, Students & Teachers, and even those who have never bought any version of Photoshop or Lightroom.

Learn More About the Adobe Photoshop Photography Program, Including Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5

So if you’d like to have Adobe’s industry-leading professional imaging tools plus other benefits at a low monthly cost, it’s a one-time opportunity… And if you want to take it up a step further and get the full Creative Cloud including all 15 of the new CC tools, then existing CS customers can receive upgrade pricing for $29.99 a month.

While the company is continuing to offer last year’s CS6, at the same time they are seeing 80% of purchasing customers using their desktop tools in the Creative Cloud. The Cloud recently accelerated past 1.4 million paid members and receives nearly 5-star reviews from customers, and so the company is now putting all of their resources into it – with new tools, added services, and included upgrades.

For students and teachers there’s another way to save – Adobe is offering complete Creative Cloud memberships with all their creative tools for 60% off to education customers ($19.99 a month in the US), also with no previous software ownership required. And if you want to prepay your membership, the price reduction is even greater with up to 70% off.

Existing volume customers looking for group licensing can receive a discount of $30 per month (or 40% off) for the first two years with Creative Cloud for Teams, until May 30th.

Wondering about file compatibility with older versions of Photoshop? Check out:

» Can You Save/Open Adobe CC Files on CS6, CS5, CS4 & CS3 – and Vice Versa?

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Do you have any questions about CC or the Creative Cloud?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. @Francis

    Great news – Adobe just extended this special offer through Sunday, December 8th, 2013… So for anybody who missed it before, here’s another chance!

  2. And an important further update:

    Adobe is now making this $10 PS+LR bundle offer available for everyone until the end of the year, December 31, 2013…

    This is not an introductory rate. What will the price be in a year? A company rep says, “The sign-up window is limited but the price itself isn’t. That is, it won’t be going up in a year.”

    As mentioned in the article above, this is the regular price for the package and there are no plans to change it.

  3. polo3

    Please Adobe, could you please make a prepay 12-month subscription available for the Photoshop Photography offer, just like you do for the full Adobe CC prepaid?

    Also what should I do if I want want more program of the CC suite? I don’t have the need, nor the interest, nor the time to learn all the 20 products of the CC suite. But I want to use one more program besides LR + PS, so what do you recommend? Maybe you have already answered that question already.

    • Hi Polo, it’s a good question. Obviously not everyone can or would use all of the different CC tools contained within Creative Cloud… It’s just like it was with Creative Suite, where you get a big discount for bundling many applica­tions together even if you don’t need them all.

      So if you’re upgrading from a CS tool then you can get the complete Creative Cloud for 40% off the regular price.

      Or, if you’re a student or teacher, then you can get everything with an even bigger discount of up to 70% off.

      Outside of that, we’d suggest signing up for the Photography plan as described above, and then adding your additional tool with a single-app subscription for any other program you want.

  4. Theresa Howard

    I tried to get this Photoshop/Lightroom “BlackFriday/Cyber Monday Deal” that’s open to everybody when offered before. Was told I did not qualify, so am paying the monthly price for Photoshop CC only. Is this special really for everybody and if so, how can I get it? I wanted Lightroom but can’t afford regular price.


  5. Pete

    Question about Behance in this deal… Behance website said “Build your site for free – only pay when you’re ready to publish”…. So how does that work with this subscription? Does it mean I have to pay extra to publish after building a site? Or no extra cost to publish?

    Much Thanks!

    • Hey Pete, one of the great things about this plan is you also get a Behance ProSite (their top-of-the-line product) included in the package! The regular price for that by itself is $100/year…

      So to precisely answer your question: you don’t pay any extra cost to publish your site – it’s fully available to you as a member of this Photoshop Photography Program.

  6. Mike

    I hope that we’ll have all programs at once.
    And if not, why we can’t do that?

    • Hello Mike, this special plan is for two of the most popular programs – Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom – that are most desired by photographers… There are some other tools & services included in the bundle but those are the two main tools.

      If you’re looking for all programs (adding Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Muse, Edge, and the rest) then you want the complete Creative Cloud package.

  7. Ruth

    Hi, I heard there’s a mobile version of Lightroom coming out, is that included in the Photoshop Photographer’s plan as well?


  8. HK

    I sometimes work in remote areas where there is no internet connection. Will I be able to use the software while offline?

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