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Existing CS Customers Still Able to Save 40%-50% on Creative Cloud

Existing CS Customers: Upgrade to Adobe CC and Save 40% Off the Regular Price for a Limited Time

It’s been a busy year with the launch of the new “CC” release in the spring and many (included) product upgrades released since that time, but recently Adobe confirmed they are going to be extending their popular Creative Cloud 40%-off discount upgrade offer for existing customers of CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, or CS6:

“Based on strong customer demand, Adobe will continue to provide Creative Suite customers worldwide (CS3 and later) the option of joining Creative Cloud Complete for 40% off or $29.99 / £27.34 / €36,89 / A$29.99 a month for the first year.”

The updated terms and conditions show that this upgrade discount offer for CS3 through CS6 to CC will be available until May 30th, 2014:

If you don’t feel you’re ready for the full Cloud or would just need/use one Adobe tool at this time, there’s also the option of individual product subscriptions such as getting Photoshop CC or Illustrator CC or After Effects CC (historically $600-$1000) for $19.99 a month with a Single-App Kembership.  And if you’re upgrading from a previous release of Photoshop then you may qualify for the new PS Photography Bundle which includes Photoshop CC + Lightroom 5 and more for just $9.99/month (which is 50% off the regular price of just Photoshop by itself).

So if you’re trying to decide which path to choose, there are different pros and cons to consider. If you prefer traditional licensing, then last year’s CS6 is still being sold by Adobe but is the end-of-the-line – the last supported version. If instead you want to check out the Creative Cloud (even with a lifetime free level of membership), Adobe will continue to focus all ongoing and future innovation there – with new tools, added services, and included upgrades.

Here’s a guide to help compare:

Compare Your Options: Creative Cloud (CC) vs. Creative Suite (CS6)

New Adobe CC - Creative Cloud for $29.99/Month - Save 40% Off the Regular Price

While the company is continuing to offer the older CS6, at the same time they are now seeing 80% of purchasing customers using more of their tools with the Creative Cloud. The Cloud has gained millions of users already and receives nearly 5-star reviews from customers, and so the company is now putting all of its resources there.

What does Creative Cloud contain? Well, in addition to the entire CC Master Collection, you also get Lightroom 5 for photography, Behance ProSite for building a professional online portfolio, Digital Publishing Suite for iPad app publishing, Typekit web & desktop fonts, five Business Catalyst websites, Muse site creation, Edge tools & services, … – and Adobe will continue to add more value there on a regular basis.

Which path is right for you is a question only you can answer. If you go with the perpetual licensing, you pay a higher upfront cost for a static version of the software. If you go with the Creative Cloud, there’s a world of the latest & greatest tools plus other benefits at a lower monthly price point.

For students and teachers the deal is even better – Adobe is offering 60% (or $30) off Cloud member­ships to education customers but with no previous software ownership required.

Existing volume licensing customers also get a first-year discount of $30 per month with the new Creative Cloud for Teams.

Check this helpful FAQ for 90 other frequent questions about the Creative Cloud:

The Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ – Your Top Questions Answered

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Do you have any questions about the Creative Cloud?  Just ask them below and we’ll get you answers fast!

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  1. revon jones

    hi, i saw this post about the discount price to upgrade to cs6 or cs6.5 if you have cs5 or cs5.5 to upgrade from, in 2013. i’ve got the master edition of cs5.5, what do you think what the price would be to upgrade to cs6 or cs6.5 with the discount?

    i’m mad because i missed a free cs6 upgrade, but the discount news cheered me up.

    • Hey there Revon, thanks for your question and sorry you missed the brief CS6 upgrade grace period… The good news is we can give you some pretty accurate numbers and guidance on what it would cost to upgrade your CS5.5 suite.

      Currently, to upgrade to CS6 Master Collection from CS5.5 Master Collection costs US$525.

      The price to upgrade from CS5.5 Master Collection to CS6.5 Master Collection isn’t known yet (because that version won’t be out until next May probably), but we expect it to be similar to current CS5.0 -> CS6.0 pricing, which is US$1,049 for the Master suite.

      Lastly, you may already know but the regular list price on this top-of-the-line product is US$2,599.

      Once you get on CS6, then you wouldn’t have to upgrade again until CS7 is out, to retain your upgrade discount eligibility.

      Of course, you can also go with the Creative Cloud and get all the latest applications, though in your case you may feel you didn’t get enough out of your investment in buying full CS5.5 outright.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Barbara Nieminen

    I just want to upgrade from CS4 to CS6. I am a freelancer with not a lot of work right now. $29.99 a month is too expensive when I have no consistent work to support that monthly outlay. You have to come up with something more friendly. Not everyone that uses CS is revenue producing. What do you suggest?

  3. Barbara Nieminen

    Nope, doesn’t work for me. I need InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Wanted to check out Muse also. $1 a day is too much, and I live in the Northeast. I’m thinking people in other parts of the country are thinking $29.99 a month is way too much. Sorry, don’t like your deal.

    • Sorry about that Barbara. It sounds like you have a CS4 Design Standard suite – so while discounted upgrade pricing from CS4 to CS6 is no longer available, it would have cost you around $750 upfront to do it. Thus in theory you would have had to come up with that instead… One of Adobe’s ideas behind the Creative Cloud is to make their products more affordable by taking out that huge one-time pricing hit on purchasing and upgrading.

      Another potential idea or option for you would be to enroll for a course at your local community college – and then you might qualify to receive education pricing for either the Cloud or for CS6 traditional, which in both cases would be lower than their regular prices.

      Good luck!

  4. Adam

    I’m a Suite CS6 user who “upgraded” to CS6 CC in February 2013 with 40% off. Is it possible to put me into lower price or am I stuck with my contract?

  5. Adam

    Thank you. Actually I was thinking to do this. OK, time to jump to Adobe Customer Service ;-)

  6. Adam

    @ ProDesignTools

    I’m glad I spoke with Adobe on LIVE chat. As always, they were helpful and I’m under new cheaper plan. It’s always worth to ask, it doesn’t hurt :D

  7. So if I prefer the traditional licensing approach, where I can plan and buy as needed rather than via subscription software… I’m stuck on CS6 forever? (that’s perfectly fine for 5+ or so years… but eventually it’s going to get old) I’d hate to have to move to Gimp or others, but this change certainly has me looking at options rather than my normal process of “just buy Adobe because that’s what you do.”

  8. Birgitte

    Happy day for me – living in Denmark the CS packs have always been way over my budget (they add taxes and 25% VAT and what not when imported here – ugh) but with the CC I might actually be able to finally become a regular – I just need to know if you’re “shackled” to a payment plan – for instance – if I want Photoshop all the time, but only need (can afford) Illustrator and InDesign or even “The Whole Thing” every two or three months – is that possible?

    In other words: how flexible are the CC subscriptions?

  9. Egal

    “Based on strong customer demand” thats always a sign for “we don’t sell enough.”

    There goes my stock value…

  10. @ProDesignTools

    Luckily functionality updates between versions are pretty worthless. (thus why I said I can easily go 5 years… maybe 10… with CS6. Shoot, I just upgraded from CS2 last year and the entire rest of my studio mates are still on it.)

    • Totally, 100% disagree. Sure, we could possibly use old versions if we wanted to, but why would we? At what cost?

      Just the addition in Photoshop of Content-Aware Fill and (more recently) Content-Aware Move/Patch/Extend are enormous boons to our everyday work and save countless hours. Anyone who uses these features often (and correctly) will tell you that they are magical, nearly-miraculous technologies.

      Puppet Warp is another that we use all the time and saves big time. There are many others added in the past couple years. Just between CS5 vs. CS6 for Photoshop was huge, too much to mention here. Photoshop CS6 and CC also have a much nicer/smoother interface and are more pleasant to use than earlier releases as well.

      Not being aware of or knowing how to use what’s new doesn’t make it worthless in the slightest.

      And what cost is it to your productivity to use old 32-bit releases on modern 64-bit computer hardware and operating systems? How much performance are you losing?

      CS6 will run for a while, but eventually your computer may crash or get lost or stolen, and then CS6 may not be supported on future operating systems. But right now, choosing to still use the end-of-lifed CS2 (except for the most casual use) is myopic in our view. What’s your time & effort worth? It’s the one resource you can’t ever replace.

  11. Alan

    Hi, if I just have a single CS4 tool can I upgrade to CC with the discount, or do I have to have a full suite to get that?

  12. Shawna

    I have a valid registered copy of Adobe Master Collection CS4. I tried to use the SN the register for a discounted CC subscription but after entering the SN it said “does not qualify,” why?

  13. Norma Jay

    Hello guys, I produce songs and radio programmes; it’s a hobby not commercial.

    Do I understand correctly? That I can join the Cloud and get access to Audition audio and video without paying hundreds for the programmes.

    My main near is for radio production but would like to create video for YouTube etc…

    What’s my best option…?

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